Travelling during the COVID-19 pandemic
Travelling during the time of covid-19 from gravity concierge

Travelling during the COVID-19 pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic presents new challenges. Travelling has changed. Gravity Concierge, your luxury concierge service, is here to guide you through travelling in the time of COVID-19. South Africa is opening its borders as restrictions ease from October and we have compiled a few tips and a COVID-19 packing checklist. 

Tips for travelling in the time of COVID-19 pandemic : 

  1. Pack the NEW essentials

The list of essential goods to have when travelling has completely changed due to the covid-19 virus. Ensure you have cloth masks, this has become mandatory in nearly every country across the globe of locals and especially tourists, carry hand sanitizer and your own thermometer at all times. 

  1. Be mindful of what you touch 

            It’s important to be mindful when using devices or touching surfaces that others have  used too such as ATMS, check-in machines, escalators etc. Use a generous amount of sanitizer whenever you touch any of these surfaces and be careful not to touch your face.

  1. Minimise human contact 

Wherever possible, try to rely on technology and automation. Get your boarding pass from the machine and sanitise your hands afterwards. In terms of food and retail outlets within the airport, try not to touch common surfaces, maintain the recommended distance from the staff, and try to pay using contactless options.

Your COVID-19 packing checklist: 2 x face masks (preferably fabric to wash and reuse)

Travel-sized hand-sanitiser (<100ml)

Travel thermometer

Cotton gloves

WiFi/data card for booking & changing plans on the go

Gravity Concierge will ensure that you are ready for your next trip. We take care of bookings, restaurant reservations and plan your trip so that you feel comfortable to travel during COVID-19 pandemic. We provide luxury concierge services to ensure your way of travelling is not compromised. 

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